Amt der Oö. Landesregierung
4021 Linz • Landhausplatz 1

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Anti-discrimination office

We support people who feel harassed or discriminated against.

We support and provide advice to people who feel that their rights granted by the Upper Austrian anti-discrimination law were violated.

The Upper Austrian anti-discrimination law (Oö. ADG) prohibits the discrimination or harassment of persons based on

  • their ethnic background
  • their religion
  • their beliefs
  • a disability
  • their age
  • their gender
  • their sexual orientation

in all matters that are subject to the legislative competence of the Upper Austrian government.

Consultation of the anti-discrimination office is free of charge, confidential and anonymous if desired.

The Upper Austrian anti-discrimination law protects everyone who takes steps against discrimination or harassment by prohibiting any disadvantage that results from that action (prohibition of victimisation).


If you need counseling and information, you can get in touch with us personally, by phone or e-mail/letter.
Your personal information and data are handled with the utmost descretion.

If you wish to have counseling in our barrier-free office we ask you to contact us in advance.

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Amt der Oö. Landesregierung • 4021 Linz, Landhausplatz 1 • Telefon (+43 732) 77 20-0 • E-Mail