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Tasks of the anti-discrimination office

Tasks of the anti-discrimination office

The tasks of the anti-discrimination office in particular are:

  • Supporting discriminated persons, particularly by offering advice that is free of charge, confidential and anonymous

  • Offering counseling and information on the legal possibilities based on the Upper Austrian anti-discrimination law

  • Giving information on measures taken to avoid discrimination as well as provisions on anti-discrimination that have already come into force

  • Submission of recommendations in connection with the prohibition of discrimination

  • Monitoring the implementation of the UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (supported by the Oö. Monitoringausschuss)

  • Assessing and proposing draft bills and regulations

  • Networking with correspondent NGOs

The anti-discrimination office does not act on behalf of their clients in court, but is open to refer you to organisations who offer that kind of support and service. 



For any further information please contact:

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