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What is the anti-discrimination office responsible for?

Here you can find out what the anti-discrimination office is responsible for, what we can do for you and how you can get in touch with us. You will also find links to other counseling services and interest groups here.

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The anti-discrimination office is an information and counseling service for persons who feel discriminated against or harassed based on

  • their ethnic background

  • their religion

  • their beliefs

  • a disability

  • their age

  • thei sexual orientation

  • their gender

in everyday life or as an employee, an job-applicant or a trainee of the Upper Austrian Provincial Government or a municipality in Upper Austria.


Discrimination or harassment of Employees of the Upper Austrian Provincial Government or a municipality in Upper Austria based on gender is an exception and is under the responsibility of the female officer of equal treatment.

There is an female officer of equal treatment for the Upper Austrian Provincial Government, for the municipalities and cities with its own statute in Upper Austria.

Additional information

The application of the Upper Austrian anti-discrimination law requires all respective matters to be subject to the legislative competence of the Upper Austrian government.

The anti-discrimination office will be pleased to refer you to an adequate institution, if we are not responsible for your case!

The anti-discrimination office does not act on behalf of their clients in court, but is open to refer you to organisations who offer that kind of support and service. 


What can the anti-discrimination office do for you?

We support and provide advice to people who feel that their rights granted by the Upper Austrian anti-discrimination law were violated. Consultation of the anti-discrimination office is free of charge, confidential and anonymous if desired.

After your first Inquiry at the anti-discrimination office, we assess your current situation and check the responsibility of the anti-discrimination office.

If your concern is not subject to the competence of the anti-discrimination office, we will refer you to an adequate institution.

If we are responsible for your concern, we will analyze your aims and needs and advice you regarding further possilbe (legal or miscellaneous) steps.

Afterwards you can decide if you want an intervention or not. If you wish an intervention, we will contact the discriminating body or person to stop the discrimination and enforce your rights. Otherwise, we can also help you find an alternative solution to the conflict.

If you don't want an intervention, the counseling process ends and we will refer you to other counseling services if necessary.

In the graphic below, you can get an overview of the counseling process.


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How can you contact us?

If you need counseling and information, you can get in touch with us personally, by phone, e-mail or letter. Your personal information and data are handled with the utmost descretion.

If you wish to have counseling in our barrier-free office we ask you to contact us in advance.


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You can also tell us your concern via our web form. If you have completed the form, we will be notified automatically.

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Further information

For any further information please contact:

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