Participation in municipal elections

General information

Participation of EU citizens in municipal council and mayor elections in Upper Austria.


Active voting age = 16 years on election day, main place of residence in the municipality on the record date, citizenship of an EU member state.


The record date for participation in the election is 82 days before election day.

Completion period

The election takes place from the declaration until the resolution on the final result in the municipality.

Competent authority

Municipal election official, municipal election authority in the respective Upper Austrian community.


Inclusion in the electoral register from the electoral record of Union citizens.

Authentication and signature

No information available.

Required documents

The municipality obtains the certificate of main residence and citizenship ex officio; the identity of the voter results from their certificate of main residence.

Art und Format der Nachweise

The certificate of main residence and citizenship of an EU member state are obtained ex officio.

Costs and fees

The citizen is not charged any costs.

Further information

The municipal authority competent based upon the place of main residence.

Means of redress or appeal

The election result can be contested with the Higher Administrative Court.

Legal bases

OÖ. Kommunalwahlordnung [Upper Austrian Regulation on Municipal Elections]

Assistance and problem-solving services

EAP - Point of Single Contact Upper Austria

Link to form

No form required.

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Further information

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