Equal treatment in Upper Austrian state service

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Equal treatment in Upper Austrian state service


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a) General

Gender equality in work is an important, social and entrepreneurial matter for the State of Upper Austria. Future-oriented companies cannot do without the diverse skills of every single person. The State of Upper Austria therefore also in its capacity as employer implements a number of measures to achieve permanent and sustainable gender equality.
The provisions on equal treatment in state and municipal (association) service include a comprehensive requirement on equal treatment that bans any direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of sex upon

  • establishment of the employment relationship,
  • determination of the remuneration,
  • granting of voluntary social benefits,
  • measures of employment-related training and advanced training,
  • professional advancement, in particular upon assignment of tasks with higher remuneration and promotions,
  • for other work conditions, and
  • termination of the employment relationship.

Furthermore, it bans sexual or any other harassment.
Any direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of sex is a violation of employment duties and shall be subject to employment and disciplinary sanctions. Upon violation of the principle of equal treatment, damages and/or restoration of the legal state may be claimed. Therefore, employees affected by discrimination shall be entitled to

  • compensation of damages or
  • elimination of discrimination, and
  • compensation for pecuniary losses and compensation for the personal impairment suffered.

The aim of the Upper Austrian State Equal Treatment Act is to ensure equal treatment and equality of men and women and to particularly promote women in Upper Austrian state service.

b) Persons and institutions responsible for equal treatment and promotion of women

The following institutions are responsible for equal treatment and/or equality in state and municipal (association) service:

  • Equal treatment/equality commission
  • Equal treatment officer
  • Liaison women or coordinators

The members of the equal treatment/equality commission and the equal treatment officer are not bound by instructions in the performance of their activities. The liaison women and/or coordinators must not be limited in the performance of their work and must not be disadvantaged on such grounds, either. Such persons are bound by confidentiality obligations both during and after the conclusion of their work activities.

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For laws and regulations, please refer to the Rechtsinformationssystem [Legal Information System] (RIS)

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