Sports Lessons – issue of an approval (Certificate of Eligibility) for a certain type of sport

General information

Persons wishing to give sports lessons in Upper Austria for gain in a type of sports specified by the state government in a regulation need to hold a certificate of eligibility issued by an authority.


The certificate of eligibility for giving sports lessons in a certain type of sport may only be issued to natural persons who

  • have reached the age of 18;
  • have the required reliability;
  • are fit for the activity, in terms of health; and
  • prove to hold a liability insurance with sufficient cover; and
  • prove the required technical qualification.


The certificate of eligibility shall be issued within eight weeks after receipt of all required documents.

Completion period

No relevant information available.

Competent authority

Bezirksverwaltungsbehörde [District Administration Authority]


The authority shall issue this certificate of eligibility based on a written registration for the activity within eight weeks after receipt of all required documents and if the applicant meets the general prerequisites and has the required technical qualification for the activity they apply for. The application shall state the exact name of the intended activity and the location where the applicant plans to exercise the activity.

The certificate of eligibility for giving sports lessons will be granted for a certain location.

Authentication and signature

No electronic or personal signature of the application is required.

Required documents

  • Official photo ID;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Criminal record certificate (not older than 3 months);
  • Medical certificate on the physical and mental fitness (not older than 3 months);
  • Proof of the main place of residence (not required, if the usual place of residence is in Austria);
  • Proof of qualification (proof of the technical qualification);
  • Proof of a liability insurance (not older than 3 months).

Type and format of the documents

No relevant information available.

Costs and fees

State administrative charge pursuant to the Oö. Landesverwaltungs-Abgabenverordnung 2011 [Upper Austrian Ordinance on Administrative Charges of 2011]
for awarding the approval: EUR 52;

Charges according to the Gebührengesetz [Fee Act]:
for filing the application: EUR 47.30;
for the annexes to be attached to the application: EUR 3.90
per sheet*, however a maximum of EUR 21.80 per annex;
for granting the authorisation: EUR 83.60.

*Sheet means paper whose dimensions do not exceed twice 210 mm x 297 mm in one or both directions. Charges in the double amount shall be paid for paper exceeding these dimensions.

Further information

Only persons who were granted the certificate of eligibility for giving sports lessons may use the title of “Upper Austrian Sports Instructor” or “School” by adding the relevant type of sport. The general rules for exercising the activity as specified in Sec. 57 f of the Oö. Tourismusgesetz 2018 [Tourism Act of Upper Austria of 2018] must be complied with while exercising this activity.

Means of redress or appeal

A complaint can be filed against the notification. Such complaint shall be made in writing and must be filed with the authority which issued the notification within four weeks. The period commences upon receipt of the written copy or, in case of an oral announcement, when such is made.

The complaint shall also state the notification and the authority against which it is made, the reasons on which the alleged illegality are based, the request and information that is necessary to assess whether the complaint was filed in due time. Complaints shall no longer be permitted if the party explicitly waived its right to make a complaint after the notification was served or announced to it.

Otherwise, any notification contains information on legal remedies, including the instruction before which authority the legal remedy must be filed and within what period.

Legal bases

For laws and regulations, please refer to the Rechtsinformationssystem [Legal Information System] (RIS)

Assistance and problem-solving services

Einheitlicher Ansprechpartner (EAP) Oberösterreich
[Point of Single Contact (PSC) Upper Austria]


No form required.

Information on data protection

Further information

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