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The “Besoldung New” [New Salary] ensures a compensation appropriate to the function, where performance and quality are of key importance and where the pay system is simple and transparent.


Employees under the Oö. Gemeindebedienstetengesetz 2001 [Upper Austrian Municipal Employees Act of 2001], Oö. Gemeinde-Dienstrechts- und Gehaltsgesetz 2002 [Upper Austrian Municipal Employment Right and Remuneration Act of 2002] or Oö. Statutargemeinden-Bedienstetengesetz 2002 [Upper Austrian Act on Statutory Municipalities Employees of 2002]


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Completion period

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Competent authority

Municipalities, municipal associations and statutory cities.


The classification in a functional career will be made according to the requirements of the post schedule and the task and job description associated therewith.

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Required documents

Task and job description, post schedule.

Art und Format der Nachweise

In written form.

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Further information

In the pay system (Salary System New), the salary depends on the functional career and salary levels, according to the actual deployment.

LD 1 is the highest and LD 25 the lowest of the 25 functional careers (LD or GD). 15 salary levels exist within each of the functional careers.

The amount of pay of the individual functional careers is prescribed by law.

The claim to the monthly remuneration commences on the first day of service and ends when the person leaves the public service (for public officials) or when the employment relationship ends – unless a special provision applies.

The monthly remuneration will be calculated for the calendar month and is paid generally on the 15th day of each month, or, if such day is no work day, on the previous day, for the current calendar month, however not later than at the end of the employment relationship.


The employee shall, apart from the monthly remuneration, be entitled to a special payment of 50 % of the monthly remuneration for each calendar quarter (as equivalent to vacation pay and Christmas bonus).


Employees are entitled to one vacation pay and one Christmas bonus (“13th and 14th monthly remuneration”).

Means of redress or appeal

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Legal bases

For laws and regulations, please refer to the Rechtsinformationssystem [Legal Information System] (RIS)

Assistance and problem-solving services

EAP - Point of Single Contact Upper Austria

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