Working Hours and Extra Hours

General information

The regular weekly working time is 40 hours. It is, however, permitted to order extra hours.


Employees under the Oö. Gemeindebedienstetengesetz 2001 [Upper Austrian Municipal Employees Act of 2001], Oö. Gemeinde-Dienstrechts- und Gehaltsgesetz 2002 [Upper Austrian Municipal Employment Right and Remuneration Act of 2002] or Oö. Statutargemeinden-Bedienstetengesetz 2002 [Upper Austrian Act on Statutory Municipalities Employees of 2002]


Any extra hours which were not ordered in advance shall be reported, in writing, not later than within one week after they were performed.

Completion period

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Competent authority

Municipalities, municipal associations and statutory cities.


Extra hours shall be ordered in advance or shall be performed by the employees under the legal preconditions.

Authentication and signature

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Required documents

Employment contract or notification.

Art und Format der Nachweise

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Costs and fees

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Further information

a) General

Employees shall comply with the working hours prescribed in the duty roster, unless they are exempted or removed from service or absent from service for a justified reason.

The regular weekly working time is 40 hours.

The working time can be distributed flexibly over individual weeks of one calculation period of up to 52 weeks, in the interest of the service and/or to achieve a longer period of spare time, unless it exceeds the weekly working time of 40 hours during this period (flexible working time). Such a regulation on working hours shall be determined for individual work areas according to the requirements and with the cooperation of the employee representation.


b) Extra hours

Work shall be performed beyond the official working hours prescribed in the duty roster (extra hours), if such is ordered.

Other working hours performed beyond the prescribed weekly working hours will be deemed equivalent to such extra hours which were ordered in advance, and extra hours will thus also be deemed to be performed in the following situations, if

  • the employee is unable to reach a person authorised to order extra hours;
  • the extra hours were promptly necessary to defend against any damage;
  • the necessity of performing extra hours was not based on circumstances which the employee who worked them, could have prevented or unless the employee working such extra hours reports them within one week.


According to the order, extra hours shall

  • be taken as time off, in a relation of 1:1.5;
  • be compensated financially in form of the basic remuneration and a bonus; or
  • be taken as time off in a relation of 1:1, with an additional compensation pursuant to compensation laws (only bonus);
  • time off can be taken for up to 6 months after the extra hours were performed, however also later based on a mutual agreement.

Means of redress or appeal

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Legal bases

For laws and regulations, please refer to the Rechtsinformationssystem [Legal Information System] (RIS)

Assistance and problem-solving services

EAP - Point of Single Contact Upper Austria

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