General Information on Job Searches

General information

Job advertisements of municipalities, municipal associations and statutory cities are made under the statutory provisions on externalisation.


No information available.


The application period is at least two weeks.

Completion period

No information available.

Competent authority

Municipalities, municipal associations and statutory cities.


No information available.

Authentication and signature

No information available.

Required documents

No information available.

Art und Format der Nachweise

No information available.

Costs and fees

No information available.

Further information

The advertisement for jobs in municipalities and municipal associations shall be published depending on the type of the official post to be filled, however at least in the manner customary in the location. Such job advertisements can be found on the official bulletin board or on the websites of municipalities and municipal associations. The job advertisement for executive functions shall also be published in the Amtliche Linzer Zeitung [official newspaper of Linz].

Means of redress or appeal

No information available.

Legal bases

For laws and regulations, please refer to the Rechtsinformationssystem [Legal Information System] (RIS)

Assistance and problem-solving services

EAP - Point of Single Contact Upper Austria

Link to form

No form required.

Information on data protection

Further information

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