Employment contract in Upper Austrian state service

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Employment contract in Upper Austrian state service


Planned employment relationship with the State of Upper Austria


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Competent authority

State of Upper Austria, Directorate for Human Resources


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Required documents

Employment contract

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Further information

In principle, employment contracts between employers and employees are not subject to form requirements. They can be entered into in writing, orally or by “conclusive acts” (provision of services), whereby the establishment of the employment relationship takes place in writing in public service.

A written counterpart of the employment contract and any supplements thereto shall be issued to the contract employees. The counterpart shall be signed by both contractual parties.Employment contracts must in any case regulate:

  • the time of commencement of the employment relationship.
  • whether the employee is hired for a certain place of work or for a local administrative area.
  • whether the employment relationship is entered into for a definite or indefinite period.
  • the type of employment for which the employee is hired, the remuneration scheme and the remuneration class to which the employee will be assigned accordingly.
  • whether the employee is employed in full time or part time.
  • whether and for whom the employee is hired as a substitute.
  • the underlying legal rule and its implementing provisions, as amended, which are applicable to the employment relationship.

Means of redress or appeal

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Legal bases

For laws and regulations, please refer to the Rechtsinformationssystem [Legal Information System] (RIS)

Assistance and problem-solving services

EAP - Point of Single Contact Upper Austria

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