Employment relationship for a definite period in Upper Austrian state service

General information

Employment relationship for a definite period in Upper Austrian state service


Employees according to the Oö. Landes-Vertragsbedienstetengesetz 1993 [State Contract Employee Act 1993]


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Completion period

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Competent authority

State of Upper Austria, Directorate for Human Resources


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Required documents

Employment contract

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Further information

The persons envisaged for hiring are, in principle, employed for a fixed term initially. The employment relationship of contract employees shall be deemed to be concluded for a fixed term (fixed term employment relationship), if it is, from the outset,

  • based on the performance of a certain work that is restricted as to time, or on a certain calendar period;
  • specified in the contract.

It can usually only be prolonged once for a fixed period of time. This prolongation must not exceed 6 months. If the employment is continued beyond this period, it will, from that moment on, be considered as if it had been concluded for an indefinite period of time (prohibition of chain contracts!).

Means of redress or appeal

Action before the Arbeits- und Sozialgerichten [Labour and Social Courts](contract employees)

Legal bases

For laws and regulations, please refer to the Rechtsinformationssystem [Legal Information System] (RIS)

Assistance and problem-solving services

EAP - Point of Single Contact Upper Austria

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