Classification of the public-sector employees

General information

Employees in municipal associations and statutory cities are generally classified as contract employees or employees granted civil service status (public officials).


Depending on the type of employment relationship, different requirements apply. For this, see also the information on the establishment of the employment relationship.


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Completion period

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Competent authority

Municipalities, municipal associations and statutory cities.


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Authentication and signature

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Required documents

Employment contract or notification.

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Further information

Employees are primarily classified by the type of establishment and by the legal rules applicable to the employment relationship. In this context, it is differentiated between contract employees and public officials (employees granted civil service status).

The contract employee relationship, pursuant to the regulations under state law, is subject to private law and differs from other employment relationships und private law only in that it encompasses certain rights and duties that are related to public service.

An employment relationship under public law refers to an employment relationship with a regional authority that is established for life by a statutory act (therefore active service position and retirement position). Measures by the service authority in the course of the employment relationship under public law (appointments, promotions, retirement, etc.) are unilateral statutory acts, whereby the persons affected are granted party status pursuant to the applicable Dienstrechtsverfahrensgesetz [Employment Law Procedure Act].

Means of redress or appeal

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Legal bases

For laws and regulations, please refer to the Rechtsinformationssystem [Legal Information System] (RIS)

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EAP - Point of Single Contact Upper Austria

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