Chamber of Workers and Employees in Agriculture and Forestry - responsibilities

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In order to safeguard, represent and promote the economic, professional, social and cultural interests of employees in agriculture and forestry in Upper Austria, the Kammer der Arbeiter und Angestellten in der Land- und Forstwirtschaft in Oberösterreich [Chamber of Workers and Employees in Agriculture and Forestry for Upper Austria] - hereinafter referred to as State Chamber of Labour - has been established.


All employees working in the agricultural and forestry sectors in the State of Upper Austria, regardless of whether their employment relationship is based upon a contract under private law or a statutory instrument - including those working under freelance contracts - as well as persons who are not unemployed for more than 26 weeks after such activities shall be deemed members of the State Chamber of Labour.


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Competent authority

Oberösterreichische Landarbeiterkammer, Scharitzerstraße 9, 4020 Linz


The State Chamber of Labour shall advise their members on professional, economic, social and cultural issues and in particular provide them with legal protection through court representation in matters under labour and social law pursuant to statutes to be adopted in a general meeting.

The State Chamber of Labour is called to perform duties of state administration entrusted to it on the basis of legal provisions, regulations or otherwise. These duties are those of the assigned field of action; the State Chamber of Labour is bound by the instructions of the State Government in this context.

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Legal bases

Upper Austrian Act on the State Chamber of Labour 1996

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EAP - Point of Single Contact Upper Austria

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