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Location Upper Austria and its fields of priority

Upper Austria utilizes its many advantages of location – for example concerning economy, innovation, research, and education – also in its international affairs. Concentrating on main fields of priority guarantees quality and solidarity of Upper Austria's international relations.

Location Upper Austria


Symbolbild für Standort - Vernetzte Kugeln (Foto: tom/ Austria is a state of export, industry, innovation, and technology. It has with 27 percent the highest export rate of all Austria, one of the lowest unemployment rates in Austria, and it benefits from a favourable geographical location in the heart of Europe: the direct neighbourhood with Bavaria/Germany and South Bohemia/Czech Republic, and from convenient traffic connections in the turntable of the European north-south and east-west axes.


Upper Austria also has a very good innovation and research network with 22 technology centers, an education network with four universities, five universities of applied sciences with almost 30 different courses of study, two big institutions for adult education, and an extensive range of clusters and networks (ten clusters, four networks). Furthermore, Upper Austria is an important location in the cultural area and Creative Industries.


These strong points are mirrored in the connections between Upper Austria and its partners – in Europe, in the world, and intensified in international networks.



Fields of Priority


Symbolbild für Schwerpunkt (Foto: tom/ to the export, central points for the involvement of Upper Austria are the fight against nuclear power, the networking with Upper Austrians all over the world in the network "OÖ. International – Upper Austrians abroad", the sponsorship for the territorial associations of displaced persons, and the commitment for human rights. Another important part of the international relations of Upper Austria are solidary payments in the framework of international aid. Upper Austria also promotes projects in many core areas of development cooperation and provides swift assistance for example in the case of natural disasters.


Upper Austria contributes its interests abroad on European and international level. Therefore, a well-working network of partner regions as well as the collaboration in European umbrella organisations are necessary.

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