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Regional Leaders Summit of Bavaria, Georgia, Upper Austria, Québec, São Paulo, Shandong and Western Cape

Partnership world-wide

Politics, economy and society require long-term orientation, providing the direction in which the regions, states and the world are to develop. Sustainable Development represents the central theme for the route into the 21st Century. Preserving the life prospects of present and future generations forms the core of the model. Sustainable Development is all about shaping the future with visions, imagination and creativity, and in the process is also about trying out new approaches and exploring unknown paths. It involves a creative dialogue about how we want to live in the future, and how we want to respond to the challenges of the globalised world in the economy and in society.
The Regional Leaders' Summit is a forum of seven regions (states, federal states and provinces) from four continents and in which perspectives and strategies for a sustainable world are discussed under the main topic "Policy For Generations".
The regions are home for 177 million people and represent a Gross Domestic Product of more than 3.000 billion US-Dollar.

Group picture (from left to right): front row – Guo Shuqing, Nathan Deal with Sandra Deal, Dr. Josef Pühringer; back row – Dr. Beate Merk, Dr. Ivan Meyer, Christine St-Pierre. (Quelle: State of Georgia)

Group picture (from left to right): front row – Governor Guo Shuqing (Shandong), Governor Nathan Deal with First Lady Sandra Deal (Georgia), Governor Dr. Josef Pühringer (Upper Austria); back row – Minister Dr. Beate Merk (Bavaria), Minister Dr. Ivan Meyer (Western Cape), Minister Christine St-Pierre (Québec).

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