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Upper Austria

The State of Upper Austria presents itself with facts and figures as one of the members of the Regional Leaders Summit.

Landeshauptmann-Stellvertreter Mag. Thomas Stelzer

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Official Name:  State of Upper Austria  


Area: 11.981 km2
Population (2016): 1,45 million inhabitants

Capital City: Linz
Official Language(s): German
Currency: Euro


Regional Leader:   Governor Mag. Thomas Stelzer


Upper Austria is located in the heart of Europe. With Bavaria to the west and the Czech Republic to the north, Upper Austria lies on the Paris-Budapest west-east axis and the Malmo-Triest north-south axis. The Danube as the main tourism and transport connection runs through the Inn- and Mühlviertel in the north of the state; with the famous Salzkammergut in the south and the capital Linz, Upper Austria offers highlights in tourism and culture.


Upper Austria is the leading state in Austria in terms of industry, exports and technology. Around one quarter of industrial production and exports in Austria stem from this region. Thus Upper Austria is considered to be one of the most modern and competitive industrial regions within Europe.


The sustainable growth of employment and a low unemployment rate are the result of a highly-motivated and highly-qualified workforce and flexible and innovative companies presenting an ideal mixture of large, small and medium-sized companies. Like no other region in the EU, Upper Austria encourages cooperation in networks. Analogous to the largest branches of industry, since 1998 a total of ten branch-specific clusters and four cross-industry networks have been founded. Based on the motto “innovation via cooperation and competence“ more than 2,200 partners are interconnected in cluster initiatives – in particular companies in the following branches: automobiles, plastics, furniture and wood construction, medical engineering, mechatronics, environmental engineering, eco energy or food stuffs. 85 percent of them are SMEs.

GDP nominal: 58,14 billion Euro (2015)
GDP per capita: 40.260 Euro (2015)
Inflation:  0,9 percent (2015)
Economic growth real: 0,9 percent (2015)
Unemployment rate: 4,1 percent (2015)


Mag. Thomas Stelzer is Governor of Upper Austria since April 6th, 2017.


The State Parliament of Upper Austria is elected every six years by the citizens of Upper Austria entitled to vote (as of the age of 16) and has 56 members who belong to four political parties. Generally, the Governor, in his capacity as the central agent of the Federal administration, and the State Government of Upper Austria are responsible for law enforcement. The latter comprises nine members who are elected by the State Parliament of Upper Austria. This is, in essence, a “national unity government”. This means that every party in the State Parliament of Upper Austria with a certain number of deputies has at least one seat in the State Government of Upper Austria.

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