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Counseling process

Counseling process at the anti-discrimination office

Graphic of counseling procedure (Quelle: Land )
  • Inquiry by phone or e-mail to the office of anti-discrimination
  • Initial Counseling:
    assessment of the situation and the competence of the Upper Austrian anti-discrimination office
    • no competence:
      Referral to adequate institutions

  • competence:
    analysis of aims and needs, information on (legal or miscellaneous) steps

  • Decision of the person affected on further measures taken
    • intervention requested
      contact with the discriminating person / office
      supporting the client in finding alternative solutions to solve the conflict
    • intervention not requested
      Termination of the counceling procedere - optional referral to other adequate institutions


Further information


If you need counseling and information, you can get in touch with us personally, by phone or e-mail/letter.
Your personal information and data are handled with the utmost descretion.

If you wish to have counseling in our barrier-free office we ask you to contact us in advance.

More Informations

For any further information please contact:

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