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Upper Austria - partner in the heart of Europe

Upper Austria - The Region

Over the past years, Upper Austria has evolved to become a dynamic industrial area and a highly successful region within Europe. Tradition and customs form important cornerstones of the state. Upper Austira is situated in the heart of Europe and can look back on a history of 14.000 years. In 1918, the “Principality above the Enns river” became the state of “Upper Austria”.


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Upper Austria - International Relations

As a modern and innovative state, whose economy has a foothold in the world market, whose universities and research institutes are part of a global network and whose culture knows no borders, Upper Austria is personally interested in a successful foreign policy. To address the interests of the state of Upper Austria in both Europe and the world, a well-performing network of partner regions and the cooperation in European umbrella organisations is a must.


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Upper Austria - Economy

Upper Austria is among the most dynamic economic regions in theheart of Europe. As the leading state in terms of exports, technology and industry within Austria, Upper Austria offers perfect conditions which are required by companies in international competition: firstclass infrastructure, skilled personnel, an innovative environment and highest quality of life.


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Upper Austria - Science and Research

Research and innovation are the key factors for the future viability of a location. This is something emphasised also by the European Commission in its strategy "Europe 2020" in order to increase regional competitiveness and prosperity. Therefore, the research location of Upper Austria has set the goal of a research quota of four percent by 2020. To attain this goal, the former focus of research work will be intensified and new future fields of research will be exploited.


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Upper Austria - Tourism

Upper Austria stands for innovation, progress and future-oriented dynamics. A strong spirit of development and invention has transformed our state into a leading location for technology, business and industry. This spirit also promotes tourism in Upper Austria. Guests experience honest and personal encounters due to the warm and authentic hospitality of the Upper Austrian people.

The tourism and leisure economy sees itself as valuable network partner in the whole economic system of Upper Austria. As cross-sector discipline it promotes a successful and fair cooperation with all areas of business and life. Its share of 10.5 percent in the gross regional product of the state contributes essentially to the success of the business location Upper Austria.


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Upper Austria - Culture

Culture shapes the identity of Upper Austria. Culture in all its variety is experienced at all levels and in every region of the state. Caught between the conflicting priorities of tradition and innovation, it continues to develop further while preserving the cultural heritage of Upper Austria.


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Upper Austria - Energy

Upper Austria is an energy-intensive state that is also highly energy efficient. The security of energy supplies, the security of the business location, economic efficiency, environmental soundness and the gentle use of resources as well as the social compatibility of energy supply and use of energy are at the forefront. Renewable sources of energy have a high political status. The Upper Austrian energy strategy is above all future-oriented.


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Upper Austria - Nature and the Environment

In Upper Austria, nature and the environment are characterised by a variety of species and wildlife habitats. The Danube effectively separates the granite and gneiss highland area in the north from the foothills of the Alps and the Limestone Alps in the south. Upper Austria’s wealth in terms of water is apparent in the many lakes and rivers. The aim of the state’s environmental and nature conservation measures is to safeguard natural resources and ensure that mankind, the economy and the environment can co-exist in a sustainable manner. This also involves making a contribution at local level towards the most pressing problems, such as climate protection, in the sense of global responsibility. The State Environmental Programme 2030 is another important step into the future.


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Upper Austria - State of Culinary Delights

Enjoy good products with a clear conscience! The overall marketing strategy to strengthen agriculture and the domestic food industry “Upper Austria – regionof culinary delights” has made Upper Austria a location for first-qualityfoods. Agriculture, the food processing industry, the Upper Austrian Tourist Board, the catering industry, hoteliers and food traders have formed a networkfor their mutual benefit.


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Upper Austria - Health

The essential aim of the Upper Austrian health policy is the best medical care for all Upper Austrians in all regions of the state. Upper Austria offers an extensive network of health facilities for comprehensive and citizen-oriented hospital care. In addition, preventive measures in health care are constantly broadened and extended.


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Upper Austria - Sport

“Your life. Your sport. It is your time!” This is the motto of the “Sport Strategy Upper Austria 2025”, which is the basis for supporting mass and elite sport in Upper Austria. Targeted measures are implemented to sustainably embed a strong culture of movement into the minds of Upper Austrians and to state clearly the particular importance of sport for all areas of society.

Training for young talents is very important in Upper Austria. Internationalisation is a main area of work. In addition, a modern sports facility infrastructure, in which the state of Upper Austria invest millions, provides ideal conditions for sports activities.


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